Our expertise and clean approach to finding solutions have led us to develop new ideas.

Our objective is not only to provide the best practice, but to develop it when necessary.

Through creativity and partnering with our clients we solve their challenges.

Real Estate and Legal Advice/Business Plan/Strategy Development

Our experience and exposure to the Real Estate and Legal sectors and markets enable us to deliver valuable perspective that helps our clients set goals and create a plan to achieve them.

We work as an extension of our client’s team evaluating their needs, both as hands on service providers, or as a support board for their decision making.

As experts in Real Estate, Corporate, Administrative, Environmental and Tax Law and code compliance, with vast experience in sale and acquisition of property directly, through a company or through a bank trust, as well as in Ejido land and its regularization, with a focus on foreign investors in Mexico, we provide real strategies to Real Estate transactions though drafting contracts and Real Estate negotiation support.

Project/Deal Feasibility

To ensure a client’s specific acquisition, sale or investment needs, we provide accurate preemptive legal analysis and support for each affair; this allows us to efficiently accommodate your desired project/deal in a real binding solution.

Litigation Support

Our network of specialists provides expert legal support in opinions of pricing, value, processes, procedures and trial.

English/Spanish and Common Law Jurisdiction/Civil Law Jurisdiction

As Mexico is ruled by a Civil Law Jurisdiction and the official language is Spanish, our team of Real Estate and Tax attorneys is prepared to explain in detail, in English and in Spanish, both in written and spoken form, the differences and similarities in both Legal and Real Estate systems.

Closing Coordination

Having been involved in countless Real Estate transactions in the area, our network of attorneys have successfully overseen all types of situations and developed solutions to ensure successful closings to all types of transactions, assuring our clients with solid and binding property holdings.

Public Attester Relations

As all Real Estate and corporate transactions in Mexico must go through the Protocol and the Faith of a Public Attester, we have a close professional relationship with both Commercial and Public Attesters in the State of Nayarit and in the State of Jalisco.